Monday, June 1, 2009

10 paisa - the online trading site

10 paisa is the online trading site for Indian investors.
10 paisa is definitely not the best one among the slew of online trading offering which are there. The main companies which are there which have been the best ones are
Kotak Mahindra

Apart from these there are a lot of others like India bulls.

In my view icicidirect is the best one as that has the best online look and feel and the ease of trading. The best way to make money online is via trading online.

They may be more expensive in terms of trading and brokerages but again they benefit that offer is far more than combined many others.

Even in the mutual fund arena they offer the best advantages when it comes to buying mutual funds of all asset management companies and the ease of redemption.

Now the challenge in India always is that there are no major personal finance training sites and so majority of people like you and me will have to figure out the basics by ourselves and then work out the best possible investing stratgies. That said there are a number of people in the US who blog about personal finance training and you can read them to get insight into investing planning and then apply it in the Indian context.

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  1. Finding the best online trading site should be individual, based on one's investment needs. Meaning you can't always rely recommendations, and that's what makes it so difficult. First you have to understand your needs, and then you can find the right one. Just like in relationships.